Deleting content via Rosetta WEB GUI

This is a simple guide to explain how to delete specific content via the Rosetta 4 GUI.


First of all, navigate to the content tab of the interface, it should then list a search field alongside some filtration.
Please note than when searching, if you are looking for a feature, either the 'All' or 'Feature' needs to be chosen or it will not show the content.

When you have found the file(s) you wish to delete, clicking on the file will have a small window to the right will open up with some detail.

If you wish to delete several files at once, you can do this by Ctrl+clicking several files at the same time, it will look something like this.


If this is something you want deleted, make sure the 'Status' tab is opened to the right (in the bottom of the mentioned 'info window') and click the 'Delete options'.
This will change the window to the following

At this point you decide where to delete from, the grayed out boxes means that the file is not located in those specific areas, like my example; the file in question is not located in 'Incoming' or in Screen 1.

Once ticked in you click Confirm, after which you will be given a final confirmation

This will list all the files you have chosen, so make sure there are no extra files in that list. Especially if you are deleting multiple files.
Once you click Continue on this confirmation, the files will start deleting, there is no stopping the process after this point.

As an extra note, if the file you are deleting is located in both 'Library' as well as in 'Incoming', you need to tick both of them. The reason for this is that the software is programmed in such a way that content in 'Incoming' will automatically ingest into 'Library' if it's not already there. This will give you the effects of the file either not being deleted or having re-ingested by itself. 
You can delete the file from only 'Incoming' if you wish, the auto-ingest will not work in reverse.
You can also delete from only the screen(s) or from everything at the same time by ticking in everything, though caution should be exercised 


If you still have problems, please contact Support.

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