UPS Cold-boot procedure

Be aware, this will turn off your Doremi/Dolby as well as other equipment in that screen, so this has to be done between shows when you have 30 minutes to spare.

1: Turn off UPS
2: Unplug the cable from UPS to wall
3: unplug all cables on the backside of the UPS
4: take off the UPS front cover, it can be pulled off without tools.
5: here there will be one connector, unplug that from itself.

At this point, let it stay like this for 15 minutes.
After which, follow the steps in the reverse order, skipping step 3 for now.
This will let the UPS charge and try to fix the battery without external load.

If it looks good after another 10-15 minutes, you can plug the equipment back into the backside of the UPS.

If there are still problems, please inform Support.

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