ICP Self Test failed

If you get a ICP Self Test failed error message on the Christe projector, it can sometimes have no impact on performance and sometimes you can get very strange colors. Best way to check is to play content or put on a test pattern. Restarting the projector will often clear the error. If you get picture issues, you can check engineering logs to see where the issue is:

Unit is failing DLP Self-test: red is failing for self -test

2017/12/18 16:38:4.191393 - Error  Signature Test Fail. Bad data (LS byte first) is:

2017/12/18 16:38:4.191452 - Error   19 f5 c8 b7 a6 03 a1 aa Green

2017/12/18 16:38:4.191509 - Error   19 f5 c8 b7 a6 03 a1 aa Green

2017/12/18 16:38:4.191567 - Error   51 b5 43 ea 67 18 72 ab Red

2017/12/18 16:38:4.191623 - Error   e6 9a 39 8a 23 99 87 fd Red

2017/12/18 16:38:4.192113 - Error   19 f5 c8 b7 a6 03 a1 aa Blue

2017/12/18 16:38:4.192372 - Error   19 f5 c8 b7 a6 03 a1 aa Blue

To resolve, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Reseat the following: ICP, LEQD and light engine cables between LEQD and the light engine.
  2. If the issue continues, swap the color that fails with a working color on the LEQD board side.
    1. If the issue stays the same then the issue is either: red light engine cable or the the red light engine formatter board. You can try to swap the entire red cable with the green cable. If the failure follows the cable then replace the cable, if it doesn't follow then the light engine should be replaced.
    2. If the issue changes to another color then the issue is either LEQD, backplane or ICP board. You need to swap components between projectors to see if the error stays or follows the part. When you find the part with issue, replace with spare and contact Christie for a warranty replacement.


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