How the Movies section works


The Movies section is where all the information on a particular movie is held in RosettaPOS. It is a movie's entry in this section that different parts of RosettaPOS will reference in order to carry out different functions related to this movie.


As well as holding information on a movie, an entry in the 'Movies' section also has settings and fields that can be changed for each movie to affect things like the Ticket Types associated with the movie, the versions of that movie which can be scheduled, or whether or not the movie should be excluded from distributor reports.


Adding a Movie


  • Go to Cinema Manager > Movies on the RosettaPOS main screen.
  • Click the '+ Add New' at the top left hand side of your screen.
  • There are 2 different ways to add a movie. You can either add from TMDB or add manually.
    • Add from TMDB
      • Click the 'Add from TMDB' button at the top right of your page.
      • You should now see the screen shown below.

      • Enter the name of the movie, and then add the release year as well if you know it.
        • Do not enter the release year if you are not sure as an incorrect year will prevent the movie from being found.
        • Try using different translations of the movie title if you are having trouble finding the one you are looking for.
      • Click 'Select' next to the correct entry in the search.
      • This will populate the new movie record with information taken from the TMDB online database. This includes things like:
        • Movie Name
        • Synopsis
        • Genres
        • Release Date
      • Please note that adding from TMDB only provides the information about the movie, you still need to change any settings and fields related to how the movie will be shown in your cinema.
    • Add manually
      • From the new blank movie entry, you need to add the information that would be added by TMDB manually.
      • You should only use this option when you cannot find a film using the 'Add from TMDB' function.
  • Now that you have the information about the movie in your movie entry, you can enter more information on the 'Main Details' tab that is specific to your cinema..
    • Distributor
      • The distributor of the film in your territory.
      • Used for distributor reporting.
    • Movie Category
      • Used to sort movies into categories.
    • Exclude From Distributor Report
      • An important setting, used to stop figures from the showings of these movies being sent to distributors.
      • Used for some non-film, private or internal showings.
    • Income Account
      • If you have a finance or income account associated with this movie you can enter it here.
    • Movie Dates
      • These dates affect different parts of RosettaPOS, including where the film appears on the website.
      • Set the 'Premiere From' and 'Premiere Until' dates to contain the time that your premiere of the film is running for.
      • Set the 'First Showing' and 'Last Showing' dates to the appropriate dates for your cinema.
      • Please note that a movie will not appear in the 'Current Films' section of the website until the 'First Showing' date on the movie entry.
    • Reservation Settings
      • Here you can set when reservations for this movie are released, counted from before the show or from after the reservation.
      • These settings are fully explained below each one in a note.
  • In the 'Versions' tab you can create versions for the film.
    • Enter the relevant details in each field and click '+Add' to create the version.
    • Please note that versions of the film are what is scheduled in the Movie Schedule menu. Without a version created you will not be able to schedule a showing of that movie.
  • 'Ticket Types' tab
    • By default the default ticket types will be used for a Movie when it is scheduled in the Movie Schedule menu.
    • If you want to use other ticket types by default for this movie, you can select them from the list on the right and then click 'Save'.
  • 'Stills' and 'Posters' tabs
    • Here you can click the '+Add Still' or '+Add Poster' buttons to upload your own images, or you can click 'Download from TMDBTM' to choose one from TMDB.
    • The stills and posters are used extensively on the website.
  • Once you are finished adding information to the movie entry, make sure that you click the 'Save' button to make sure that it is stored.
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