Movie Schedule

How to schedule a movie


  • Navigate to Cinema Manager > Movie Schedule.
  • Choose the day that you want to schedule on using the date selector on the left of the page.
  • Click the 'edit' button to open the schedule for that date.
  • Drag one of the 'Available Movies' from the list on the right into the movie schedule.
    • Place it in the screen you want and in the time slot that you want the movie to show in.
    • If the movie that you want to show does not appear in the 'Available Movies' section then it is probably because there is not a version created for this movie in the 'Movies' menu (Cinema Manager > Movies).
  • You should now see that the movie showing you have scheduled is grey. This is because it has not been published. Once you publish the schedule the showing will appear coloured-in and will be available on the Box Office and the Website.
  • But first, you may want to make some changes to the settings for the showing.
    • Click the showing to bring up it's options and settings.
    • In the 'Show Details' tab you can switch on/off settings that control features such as the ability to reserve or purchase tickets for this show, either in the Box Office or on the website (online).
    • There are also options for whether the showing will appear on the Box Office view, on the website, on reports, or the distributor report in particular.
    • Many of these options and settings are also available to set at the movie entry level. Setting them here on the showing will override the same setting on the movie entry.
  • If you go to the 'Ticket Types' tab you can select the ticket types that should be used for this show.
    • If you don't select any other ticket types then the default ticket types will be used.
  • Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the options tab for the showing, click 'Save Changes' and then click the large green 'Publish this Schedule' button. This updates RosettaPOS and the website with any changes you have made to the Movie Schedule.
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