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For each type of ticket that you want to sell at the Box Office or on the Website (Adult, Student, Senior, etc...) you must have a Ticket Type created in RosettaPOS. The Ticket Type control information about the ticket such as the price, the multiples of seats that can be booked at one time, and whether a discount card is required to buy a ticket.

Each Ticket Type is assigned to a Ticket Group which enables easier assignment of tickets to shows. Ticket Groups are discussed further in the 'Ticket Groups' article.


Adding a Ticket Type


  • Navigate to Cinema Manager > Ticket Types.
  • Check through the list of Ticket Types already created to see if a matching entry has already been created.
  • If you can't find the Ticket Type you are going to create, then you will need to create a new one. Click the '+ Add New' tab at the top left-hand side of the screen.

  • Start by entering the basic information for the Ticket Type such as the 'Ticket Name', the 'Minimum Seats' that can be booked (usually 1) and the 'Seat Multiples' (a single ticket would be 1, couples tickets would be 2, family tickets could be 3 or higher).
  • Below this, there are several on/off switches.
    • Exclude from Distributor Report
      • Used to prevent these tickets from being reported as admissions in Distributor Reports (e.g. Bioguiden in Sweden) when they are sold in Box Office or on the Website.
      • Can be used for arts events, one-off showings or non-film events.
    • Discount Card Required / Discount Code Required
      • Activated when you want the software to require a discount card or code when this ticket type is scanned for entry to the cinema screen.
    • Apply Charges
      • Usually set to be on, but can be turned off for free tickets.
  • On the right side of your screen you should see the ‘General’ section.
    • Cinema Name
      • Choose which cinema the ticket type will be available in.
    • Ticket Group
      • The ticket group which the ticket type is assigned to.
      • Refer to the 'Ticket Groups' article for more information on ticket groups, or if you need to create a ticket group.
    • Sort Order
      • Controls where in the list this ticket type appears in in the Box Office (1 is top, 2 is lower, etc.).
    • Income Account
      • Here you can enter an Income Account number if you are using this feature, just like you would do for a product.
  • Scroll down to the section marked ‘Reservation Settings’
    • These 2 settings control when uncollected tickets are released.
    • You can either have tickets release a certain number of minutes before a show starts, or a certain number of minutes after a reservation is made, or neither.
    • Please note, these same settings are also located in the Cinema record, the Movie record, the Ticket Group and the Show. The software uses the lowest value from any of these 5 places, so if your reservations are releasing early then check all of them.
  • The Advanced settings further down the page can be left to their defaults for now. Unless you want to change the ‘Display Name’ (the name used in the Box Office and website) or ‘Print Name’ (the name used on receipts), the ‘Ticket Name’ will be used for this ticket type throughout RosettaPOS.
  • Click the ‘+ Add’ button in the top right corner of the page to add the ticket type, then click ‘Save’ to save any changes that you have made.


Changing the price of a Ticket Type


Changing the price of a ticket is done using almost exactly the same process as when changing the price of a product.


  • Navigate to Cinema Manager > Ticket Types and choose the ticket type that you want to change the price for.
  • Select the ‘Prices & Discounts’ tab. You should see a screen like this:

  • Here you can see information about the current price of this ticket type.
    • You can see when the price is valid from/to, as well as the tax code.
    • The display price and print price are also shown on the right hand side of the screen.
    • Details of any discount prices which might be applied to the ticket type are shown near the bottom of the screen under ‘Discount Prices’.
  • To create a new price for the ticket type go to the ‘Prices & Discounts’ tab and click ‘+Add a new price’.
  • Enter the new pricing information about the product.
    • Change the ‘Valid From’ and ‘Valid To’ dates to control when the new price will be in effect.
    • Enter the new price in the ‘Product Price’ field.
    • The tax code can also be changed.
  • A discount price can be set up for any of the discount types which have been created. The discount type should be shown at the bottom of the page, simply enter the discount price and the days which the discount will be active on.
  • Now just click ‘Save’ to store the changes you have made to the ticket type’s price. You can go to the ‘Price History’ tab in the ticket type to see how the price has changed over time and when the current price is valid until.
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