Adding products


  • Adding products in RosettaPOS is simple. Go to Cinema Manager > Products to start with and then select the ‘+ Add New’ button on the top left of the screen to create a new product entry.
  • You should now see the screen below:

  • The fields coloured in orange are required fields that must be filled in for the product to be created.
    • The fields that are already filled in are also required and can be changed from the defaults to suit the product.
    • The blank fields can be filled in to be used by different features such as barcode scanning or finance accounting.
  • Here is an explanation of what you should input into each field:
    • Product Name
      • The name that this product appears as throughout RosettaPOS.
    • Product Category
      • The category that your product fits into (Alcohol, Ice Cream, Snacks, etc.).
    • Cinema Id
      • The cinema that the product will be created in. If it needs to be created in all cinemas then select ‘All Cinemas’.
    • Reporting Group Name
      • Controls how transactions of this product will appear on the Daily Closing Report.
      • It is usually best to keep this field set to the default which is ‘Sales’.
    • Transaction Type
      • Usually best to use the default for this field as well which is ‘Concessions Items’.
    • Barcode(s)
      • If your product has a barcode, select the ‘Barcode(s)’ field and scan the barcode on the product to insert the barcode number into this field.
      • You could also type the barcode number in manually.
      • This is needed for the scanning of products at the point-of-sale.
    • Income Account
      • Used for certain reports (account report) in RosettaPOS.
      • If you have the income account of the product, enter it in this field. If you are not using this feature then leave the field blank.
    • Valid From / Valid Until
      • The dates between which the product will be available for purchase.
    • Product Price
      • The actual price of the product.
    • Tax Code Name
      • Choose the amount of tax charged on this product normally.
    • Display Price
      • The price which appears in RosettaPOS.
    • Print Price
      • The price which appears on receipts.
  • Once the new product entry is filled with information about the product, click the ‘+ Add’ button in the top right of your screen, then click the ‘Save’ button to save the new entry.


Changing the price of a product


  • To get started, navigate to Cinema Manager > Products.
  • Find the product you want to change using the search bar.
  • Here is an example of what you will see after clicking on a product:

  • You will notice that the layout is a little different to the screen for adding new products. The prices have been moved to a tab called ‘Prices & Discounts’. Click on this tab to enter it.
  • You should see a screen like the example below:

  • Here you can see information about the current price of this product.
    • You can see when the price is valid from/to, as well as the tax code and transaction type.
    • The display price and print price are also shown on the right hand side of the screen.
    • Details of any discount prices which might be applied to the product are shown near the bottom of the screen under ‘Discount Prices’.
  • To create a new price for the product go to the ‘Prices & Discounts’ tab and click ‘+Add a new price’.
  • Enter the new pricing information about the product.
    • Change the ‘Valid From’ and ‘Valid To’ dates to control when the new price will be in effect.
    • Enter the new price in the ‘Product Price’ field.
    • The tax code and transaction type can also be changed.
  • A discount price can be set up for any of the discount types which have been created. The discount type should be shown at the bottom of the page, simply enter the discount price and the days which the discount will be active on.
  • Now just click ‘Save’ to store the changes you have made to the product’s price. You can go to the ‘Price History’ tab in the product to see how the price has changed over time and when the current price is valid until.
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