Critical: PIB Connection lost


If your projector has a red LED and is reporting the following message "Error, 2603 PIB Connection lost. Power Cycle Projector. Critical" your PIB may have failed. 


Projector Intelligence Board (PIB)
The PIB is the main controller and primary video interface card in the cardcage. Its main function is to control the video path, monitor the environmental circuits and devices inside the projector, connect with communication interfaces and provide Dual HD-SDI and Twin DVI video input ports. The PIB is also responsible for the 37-pin GPIO, SCCI and RS232 type interfaces. Located on the PIB faceplate are a number of LEDs and buttons used for basic status and control.



Given that the PIB is a critical component in your projector it will not be able to fully start up. Please proceed with the below troubleshooting.

First step: Remove all power from the projector and leave it disconnected for 5 minutes to complete a cold reboot.

Second step: If the PIB is still not connecting to the projector you will have to complete a re-seat of the board. See linked guide to complete a re-seat of the PIB.

Guide: Removing PIB from card cage

Third step: Remove the PIB from the projector and wait two hours before re-inserting the PIB into the projector.

Fourth step: At this point we have to consider the PIB as failed, please request a replacement PIB.


Note: If you need to replace your PIB, please move the Link Decryptor from the old board to the new board. This is not needed if your are using a IMB (Integrated Media Block)

Link Decryptor replacement: 
Please see Dedicated Guide for LD re-seat/swap/removal


Important note: When installing new PIB you will be prompted with a windows asking you for the correct serial number. Always select TPC as the source for the serial number


Once this is done please contact your NOC Technician to complete a marriage of the projector.

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