How to view your active tickets

The Unique ticket portal can be accessed from the following link:


Your default view when opening the Help Center will be the Knowledgebase front page. To navigate to the ticket views, click on the "My activities" button at the top of the page.

This will show you a list of tickets that you have requested.

You can sort between the following ticket statuses:

Any - Will show all tickets you have created regardless of ticket status

Open - Will show all tickets you have created that are currently open

Awaiting your reply - Will show you tickets that need your update

Solved - Will show you all tickets that have been resolved


To view all tickets for your cinema/organization and not only the ones you have created, click on the "Organization requests" tab:

By default, this view will only show tickets from your default cinema or organization. If you belong to more than 1 cinema, you can swap between the different cinemas by clicking on the "Organization" drop-down.

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