Guide: Removing PIB, ICP or IMB from the card cage

The following guide will aid you in either replacing or re-seating a card in the card cage such as either a ICP, PIB or a IMB.

Important notes:

- Remove all power going to the projector before proceeding with this guide.
- If you change the IMB, you'll need to get updated KDMs for the new serial number as the old ones will not work on the new IMB

Tip: Take a picture of the installation before you start so that you will know where to connect all the cables again when you are done.


First step:

Front Top Lid
Remove the top lid to gain access to the liquid cooling system, the IOS for integrator adjustments and the high security lid.
1. Unlock front top lid using the low security key provided.
2. Lift the lid up and remove.


Second step:
High Security Lid
Remove the high security lid to access components in the light engine and cardcage compartments. 
Using the high security key, unlock the high security lid.
Lift the lid up and remove. 

Third step:

Release the security ring by pressing down on the latch located on the inside of the cardcage.

Fourth step:

Swing the security ring out and disengage from the hinge.

Final steps:

You are now ready to remove the desired card: Push in the red tabs on the top and bottom ejector tabs. Then, push in the top and bottom black tabs to release the Board from the Backplane.

The ICP is located in the cardcage on the operator side (right) of the projector. This is the image processing electronics for incoming video signals.

The PIB is located in the cardcage on the operator side (right) of the projector. It is the main controller for the Serial and Ethernet connections, video and 3D applications for the projector. The Marriage status light on the PIB board turns OFF when the high security lid is unlocked.

The IMB is located in the middle of the cardcage. This is the Integrated Media Block for content playback.


When installing, repeat the above instructions in reverse. Once the projector is up and running, Service Marriage must be performed to continue playing encrypted content. Please contact your NOC Technician to perform marriage.



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