How to submit a ticket

End-users can submit tickets either by sending an email to Unique support or by submitting a ticket directly into the ticket system from the Help Center. In this section we will describe the process for submitting a ticket using the direct approach.


Step 1

Click the "Submit a request" button at the top of the screen when you log into the Help center

Step 2

Fill out the ticket request form to make sure Unique support get enough information about the problem as needed:

CC: Your user will be set as the requester in the ticket and will therefore receive all email updates from the ticket. If you want other users to be notified as well, enter their username or email in this field.

Organization: Choose the cinema or organization you want to create the ticket for in this drop-down.

Subject: Write a short title or subject for the problem (ex. "No picture", "Ingest problems" or similar)

Description: Write a more detailed description of the problem you are experiencing

Screen: If the problem is isolated to 1 screen in particular, type in the screen number here. If it's a more general problem or affecting multiple screens, leave this field blank and rather add the affected screens to the Description.

Equipment: If you know what equipment is having problems, choose the unit from this drop-down.

Attachments: If you have any logs or pictures of the problem, attach the the file here and it will be available for the support team when receiving the ticket

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