Upgrade Christie projector

This article explains how to upgrade a Christie series 2 projector. There's only 1 series 1 Christie projector in Norway (lillehammer) and that is upgraded to latest version. No new versions are expected to be released. No Series 3 projectors are installed as of yet. 

Find the current version installed and newest version available

To find the current version installed on a projector, go to Menu->About. The version is under "Package Version #"

Next step is to find the newest version available from Christie. Go to the Christie Digital website, All Products, select whatever series 2 projector and select Downloads. Direct link to CP2230. Password is available in password document. Firmware available under Software Download. Before upgrading it's important to read the release notes for the version you want to upgrade to as it will contain information about the minimum firmware that can be installed on the projector to upgrade to the new version. If projector is old you will need to upgrade in incremental steps. Examples below

To upgrade to v3.0.0(1) you must minimum have v2.1.1(12) installed

To upgrade to v4.1.0(3) you must minumum have v3.1.0(x) installed

To upgrade to v4.8.0(8) you must minimum have v4.0.0(2) installed

Most projectors in Norway should be on v4.0.0(2) or later.

Take Backup

Before any upgrade it's good practice to take a backup in case something happens.

After this process is done, you can continue upgrading.

Upgrade projector

Now that you have all the versions you need it's on to actually upgrading the projector. Please note that this will take a while, so the cinema needs to be informed and it should preferably be done in the morning or after the last show.

The first thing you need to do is upload all the packages to the projector. log on with FTP with credentials ftpuser/cdsftp and upload the packages to the root.

The projector must be powered on in order to run the upgrade, so turn it on first. Then login with the 'service' user and go to Menu->Administrator Setup->Upgrade. All available upgrade packages should be shown in the window. Select the one you will upgrade to and click 'Upgrade'. The projector will now extract the packages and present you with a list of current versions and new versions from the package. You can then select if you want to upgrade "different only", "force update all", "factory install" or "Force upgrade ICP only". Selecting "Different only" is good enough in most cases. Click next and the projector will start the upgrade. 

The upgrade might take 10 minutes or up to an hour, depending on how much needs to be upgraded. When the upgrade is complete the projector will automatically reboot. And in some cases it will present the user with a window advising that the projector needs to be power cycled twice. This is to properly apply new firmware on components that's always powered. Let this window stay open and let the cinema know that they should power cycle the projector twice to complete the upgrade.


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