Ticket Combos

 First, you will need to create a ticket type for this offer, with a name that lets the customer know about the deal. In this example it is called ‘Movie, Wine & Cheese’, but you can call yours whatever you’d like:

You will also need to create the product you will be including in the offer, if it doesn’t exist already.

Next, you need to go to the ‘Ticket Combos’ tab in the Ticket Type and add a new ticket combo. Simply select the product from the drop-down list that appears, then click ‘+Add’ and save it:

Then, if the Ticket Type is assigned to a show it will appear in the list of tickets to be sold for a show. This is what the customer might see if they are buying a ticket online:

Here is a screenshot of the ticket (this may be in another language depending on your territory):

Then, in the Box Office, you can scan the barcode or enter the number manually. A tab at the right opens up with the information about products attached to the ticket:

When the customer wants to collect the product, you click the product. The Wine & Cheese box then goes green and the product is marked as collected. If the ticket is scanned again then you will see this:

Send an email to if you have any questions about this process.

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