Setting up the RosettaPOS Print Station

This guide will instruct you on how to install the RosettaPOS Print Station. This program allows printing at your cinema, re-directing the print requests from the RosettaPOS website to your ticket/receipt printers. It runs as a Windows service, which means it runs in the background of your computer and can't be accidentally closed by the user.

Requirements before you begin installation

  • Operating system
    • The Print Station should work perfectly if you are running Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7.
    • Older versions of Windows can work with the Print Station, but are more likely to have issues with installation. This is because of the way they run Windows services. Please contact of you are running Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows Embedded.
  • Admin rights
    • Installation of the Print Station windows service requires administrator rights to the computer you are installing on.
  • .NET Framework and Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

  • Basic technical knowledge of computers.
    • The installation procedure requires use of the Command Prompt, although it is very basic. Anyone with a basic technical knowledge should be fine.

Installation of the Print Station Windows service

You might have already received a copy of the Print Station installer from staff at Unique Digital. If you haven't then send an email to requesting a copy. If you have got a copy then proceed with the steps below.

  • Create a new folder in your C: drive and name it PrintStation.

  • Go to where you downloaded the Print Station installer to (probably your 'Downloads' folder) and double click it. This should bring up an unzipping program such as WinZip or 7-Zip. If you do not have a default unzipping program then you will need to set one up.
  • Extract the folder containing the installer to the folder you created earlier (C:\PrintStation). In 7-Zip this is done by selecting the folder of the installer, clicking the 'Extract' button, and then choosing the folder that you want to extract to (C:\PrintStation).

  • Next, you will need to open the Command Prompt in administrator mode.
    • Search 'cmd' or 'command' in the windows search bar (if you are using a language other than English you may need to experiment with translations of 'command'.
    • Depending on what you searched, either an option called 'cmd.exe' or 'Command Prompt' will appear. Both are the same and either can be used.
    • Right click on 'cmd.exe'/'Command Prompt' and choose 'Run as administrator'. You may get a window pop-up which asks if you want to let the program make changes to your computer. Click yes to proceed and the Command Prompt window should open.

  • Enter the command 'cd c:\printstation' and press enter.

  • Then type 'install.bat' and press enter again.

  • Next, enter the name of the POS terminal you are installing on and press enter.
    • Make sure that you DO include the name of your cinema. If you do not include the name of your cinema in the name then it makes it hard for us to find the correct Print Station on our system.
    • If you are using more than one POS terminal, then please assign numbers to each one and use that in the name.
    • E.g. 'Example cinema - POS Station #3'
  • When it asks you to enter a RosettaPOS URL, press enter to skip this step.
  • The Windows service should now install.
  • Restart your computer and then send an email to letting us know that you have set up the Print Station. We can then check in our system that everything is working.
    • If necessary we will log in to your computer to fix any problems with installation. 
    • Please make sure TeamViewer is running on your computer after you restart it, and that you have set up your computer with a personal password.
    • If you need help setting up a personal password for TeamViewer then please visit the following guide:







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