How to activate 2-step authentication

Please note that you will need a 2-step authentication app on your phone to complete this guide, so it is recommended that you install one before proceeding. Google's authenticator is the most commonly used and can be found on the appstore for iPhone og PlayStore for Android.


1. Go to the following address in a web browser:

You should see the following screen:

2. Log in with your supplied user credentials and enter the Security menu:

3. In the Security window, click Enable to activate 2-step authentication

4. Verify your current password

5. Verify your phone number

6. Select your mobile device type

7. Scan the QR code using your Google Authenticator app as described. The QR code will look like below the below image, but scan the one supplied to you during the activation process (do not scan the below image).

8. Finally after scanning the QR code, enter a 6-digit code supplied by the authenticator app after activation and verify the code.

9. You are done! On your next login, you will be asked to supply another 6-digit code from your authenticator app, and this will repeat on each login going forward.

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