Troubleshoot Media Block connection

When you have a Sony system that doesn't seem to connect to the media block, please follow all steps below to prevent issues getting RMA accepted.

Whenever you get error messages like below (you might not get all the error messages), or you get the message "media block is starting" over and over, you have a problem with connection to media block.


Troubleshooting steps

  1. Power cycle
  2. Log in with SSH (username: sms password: smsuser)
    1. ping internal components and take a note of whether you get a response or not
    2. check if the storage on the SSD is exhausted, we have seen that it gets filled up with logs and that is causing issues.
  3. If SMS software is not on latest version, try to upgrade.
  4. delete the lock file lock/smsnet-setup.lock and reboot.
  5. If possible, swap the SSD and do steps 3 and 4 once more to confirm if the issue is with the MB or the SSD.

Grab SMS logs and raise with Veritek with all information you have collected and all troubleshooting steps done and include site name, screen number and projector serial number. Hopefully that should be enough to raise a warranty claim.

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