Connect to external Christie NAS

This article will try to explain how to connect to external Christie NAS. It will use Fram Kino Bodø as an example.

1. Site will need to connect a laptop with Team Viewer access to the management port in the Christie NAS. Port is located to the upper LEFT when looking from behind. 

All Christie NAS systems are equipped with a management Ethernet port. The other port is used for the IMBs ingest and playback function.

2. When connected via Team Viewer you will need to find the IP for the NAS. You can find this by installing and running the the QFINDER program attached. You will need to change the IP on the Laptop to the same IP range. Using Fram Kino Bodø as an example: NAS IP is, set the laptop IP to

3. Open a web browser and type http://<NAS IP>:8080, this should bring you to the login page. Login details:



This will take you to the NAS dashboard.


Recreate NFS share

Here are the instructions for recreating the NFS share on the NAS, which can fix some issues you might come across.

1. Take a backup of the content on the NAS, as recreating the share will erase it.

2. Select Shared Folders from the NAS dashboard, select the Content folder, and delete it.

3. The click Create - Shared Folder.

4. Call the new folder Content

5. Click Edit in the Configure Access Privileges for users area, and make sure the box marked RW is ticked.

6. Click Create , and once you can see the new folder, reboot the NAS. If you do not, RN will not recognise that there is available space on the NAS, and will just say "0 GB used, 0GB free"

The NFS share has now been recreated.

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