Activating Debugging options on NEC

This will show you how to activate various debugging options on a NEC.
Please note that these options will add a lot of data to the logs and should only be activated if NEC or engineers request this, or if you know for a fact that NEC would like this in their logs.

Note: for your to change the Debug logging the projector needs to be in standby. The process takes less than a minute afterwards but be aware that it needs to be in standby before you can save the settings. This is especially important to consider when planning as the lamp-cooldown takes 300 seconds.

First, change the Mode from user to Service


After that go to the Update tab in the communicator and select Setting under Debug Option.


On the next screen simply activate the needed Debug option, in the screenshot example; Douser Debug Log.


Remember to hit <Apply> before you exit, and from thereon the projector can either be used as normal for a while, or you can try to provoke the error by activating the needed aspect several times. Like opening and closing the douser several times, swapping macros back and forth several times for lens memory..etc.


After this has been done, and preferably after the error has been confirmed to have returned. Take out a fresh set of logs and send them to NEC.


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