How to manually unpack subtitles - Doremi SMPTE

This is a small and simple guide for when the subtitles have not been unpacked. This will also aid if the subtitles are showing for only parts of the feature, disappear and come back later.
The reason for this is that the SMPTE versions of the features are packed a bit differently usually with additional encryption, so depending on what equipment and versions site is using, it might not fix itself properly. The most common cause of this issue is if site have a Showvault IMB and are transferring the feature to the screen while the projector is in standby.

Note: this can be done during playback and has been confirmed to fix the currently playing show in some cases. Though in other instances the show itself might need to be ejected and loaded in again, it can then be forwarded to the time it was stopped.

First, open the menu, enter Doremi Apps and then Diagnostic tool.

From there, enter the Storage tab and click the Analyze button

You will be prompted for a password, the 'Manager' user that is used for ingesting will work fine, simply input the same password as you use when ingesting content locally.

On the following window, choose 'Unwrap Subtitle MXF'


Let the process work automatically after clicking Continue. You will see that it's done when there is a green check mark near the title.


At this point you can close the window using 'close' or the 'X' in the corner, and everything will be unpacked properly.


If you have any further problems, please contact Unique.




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