Changing IP on Doremi

This is the exact same for 2k4 as dcp2000.

 First, open the Networking Configuration


From hereon, I'll list everything that is needed on all the pages. For simplicity when guiding site without visual yourself, the last line before the entry will be what you actually need to answer, I'll mark this line on the first page. Note that the information about the pictures are above the picture itself.

Note; due to all sites having different setups, the numbers in the screenshots are simply guidelines, as these are taken from elsewhere and therefore won't match.

This page can be left blank, or if you want to put something there, add the screen name and number without using spaces.

Likewise, the following page can be left blank, it more often than not, is.




The IP needed here is the Unsecure if using our network, so x.x.x.10 in most cases.

The gateway is the same IP as above, just .1 at the end.

The Subnet mask should match the rest of the site's network setup. 


Afterwards we will start with eth1, please note that site might be confused at times if they are not reading carefully or not tech savvy, since the screens from hereon are identical to above, just that you are configuring the second network card.



Please note that the IP on the below, is not the same as the IP on the above, as this one speaks to the projector. In our network this means the Unsecure, usually the second segment of the IP is different. If eth0 is, then eth1 might be As an example.

The gateway on this line is most often left blank, as it speaks directly to the projector, sometimes through a switch, it doesn't need a gateway.

Like above, the Subnet mask here needs to be the same as on the other network.

Like on eth0, this one is almost always left blank

Note, after hitting <Enter> on the last one above, you might loose connection and you will get a small black screen. The reason is that at this point the IP settings you entered above are activated, so if you changed the IP to a new range you will need to consider that.

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