Cleaning Orphan assets and 'trash' from Doremi

This guide will explain how to delete 'hidden' files hat might use space even though it doesn't show up in Cinelister.

Start by entering the Diagnostic tool


From here enter the Storage tab

Click the Analyze button


This will prompt for a password, the Manager user is the normal one to be requested but the Root and Admin user will also work fine.


In the following screen, enter the Disk Cleanup page.

After clicking Continue it will work for a few seconds, rarely more than half a minute.

The following screen requires a bit of explanation

If there are orphan assets, incomplete CPL's or 'trash files', this is where they are listed. Note that valid and working files will never be listed here, so in most cases you are good to remove everything. 
Note: In certain cases a currently ingested feature is not a "complete" package yet, so it might list up under Incoming, so if there is content in that one make sure that you are not ingesting before you pick that.

After picking the sources, Orphan and Incomplete are the normal choices, clicking Continue will have the system remove this.
Note. When removing files this way the Incomplete files will sometimes move themselves to the Orphan assets, so it's recommended to open this window from the Analyze button, and Disk Cleanup, several times until they show as zero.


If you have any further problems please contact Support.



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