Dolphin battery swap procedure

This is a simple guide on how to swap the Secure Clock battery on a Dolphin.

Warning - Please note.
Under normal conditions there is a 3 minute time-limit from the moment you take out the battery until the new needs to be placed in. If this is delayed The dolphin card might break, it will lose it's serial number and will need to be replaced.
If you have battery problems from before, this timer will start counting from the moment you take the card out of the Doremi, or the moment you pull the power from it, as this will loose it's external power much like when the battery is taken out. 

In short, this means that you should assume that the 3 minute timer starts from the point the card looses external power, either from the power leads being pulled out or the card taken out from the motherboard.

The process itself is simple as it is very similar to most other 'clock battery' swap on motherboard and other similar devices.

You will need
-A replacement battery, it is a DL 1220 3V battery. It should be easily found in most places that has batteries.
-A Phillips head screwdriver.

The process
1: First you will have to open the Doremi, if all screws are present there are usually two along it's rim on the sides and two back. Once they are unscrewed, take off the lid.
2: There are two ways this can be done, one is to swap the battery with the Dolphin card still in the motherboard, if so you can skip to step #3.
If you wish to take the card out, please note that it is fastened with two screws marked in the picture below.
Also note that there are four cables going to it, the multicolored power cable,  one network cable, one flat gray cable and a small red/white cable. 

3: Swap the battery. The battery is located on the side of the back covered parts of the card. It can easily be taken out and replaced. NOTE, as the initial warning informs, there is a timer that starts once the card is without power or you take out the battery, so it's advised to have the replacement battery at the ready.

4: If you swapped the battery with the Dolphin still in the Doremi, you can skip to Step #5
If you took the card out you can put it back now and put the two screws and cables back.

5: The lid can now be put back on and the unit powered up. The timer mentioned should not be a problem as soon as the fresh, new, battery has been put in.

Once this is done you should inform Support as the message might not reset itself and will need a manual reset of the message. It is preferred that it is mentioned in writing that this battery is now replaced and who did this.

If there are any further problems, please don't hesitate to contact Support.

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