RosettaNet 5 interface changes



With the introduction of RosettaBridge 5, comes the same GUI changes to RoettaNet.
As a few things has changed location and appearance we hope that this little guide will help you regain your bearings.

Screen defaults to a map
The first time you log into RosettaNet you will most likely see a map looking like this.

This is easily fixed, if you click the Charts or Notifications button on the upper right area.

This will bring back a more familiar screen where you can connect to the cinemas assigned to your user.
It will remember this new screen afterwards so the next time you log in, it should default to this.


I cannot see my playlists / Playlists or Schedule missing
It's easy to forget to log into your screen and look at playlists on an estate level, this will often look different and there will be missing shows, playlists and bookings.
Though site-name is hidden in the following screenshots, please note that there are two-levels to the second one marked in red.
The difference here is that you need to log into your site.
Start by clicking your site in this list, you might just have one.
Then click Open

When you now go to Schedule, Playlists or any other menu like this, it will show your local on-site details.


Verification code.
For those of our users that use the verification code method of validation, instead of the 2-step verification through the Authentication app, please note that this link has now moved.
You can find it under your user, click your avatar in the corner and 'Get Verification Code'.

Built in guides in Rosetta v5.
As the name suggests, Rosetta v5 comes with some built in guides.
These are accessible by the dedicated button to the far right of your screen

Please also note that these guides are page-specific, meaning that they change depending on what page you are on. A few examples are in the screenshots below.

To close the guides again you can click in the X in the corner of the guide page, or click the question mark that opened it.
mceclip2.png    mceclip3.png

If there are other questions, please don't hesitate to contact support.
Also note that this might be updated in the future with new explanations.


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