Set which RAID the TMS is to boot from

If the TMS boots and stops on a black screen with a blinking _ underline in the corner, this hints that it's trying to boot from the /library RAID.

This often happens after a RAID controller, motherboard or other similar related Hardware swap.
In a few cases this can happen after an unexpected reboot or if there has been any problems with the RAID during a normal reboot.

The way to fix this is to reboot the TMS, go into the BIOS and set the correct 'Harddrive' to boot from. Since both RAIDs are counted as a Harddrive as far as BIOS is concerned it might be that simple.

During boot, hit the <Delete> key, the screen will list 'Entering Setup'.
Note, though it has accepted that it will enter the BIOS, the TMS will look like it didn't react to it and continues booting, this is normal, just give it a few minutes.

Once you are in BIOS, the order you are to enter is

-Hard Disk Drives
-Take note  of which RAID is the 1st priority and swap them. The normal is that it should end up booting from Bus 4.
-Then check the Boot Device Priority and confirm that the RAID is set as the first priority.

Then reboot.
There is a picture guide below.


If there are any further problems please contact the NOC.


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