Christie CP2210 LEQD Diagnostics

The following guide is intended to be used after a cold reboot and a reseat of the ICP card has been performed. This purpose of this guide is to aid in troubleshooting issues with color generation on Christie CP2210 projectors. For example, if there is a blue/red/green tint on the projected image, the following guide will help determine where the fault lies. 


The guide can also be used as a reference if you wish to replace the LEQD board. 


Important notes:

- Remove all power going to the projector before proceeding with this guide.

Tip: Take a picture of the installation before you start so that you will know where to connect all the cables again when you are done.


Tools required:

-Low Security Key

- High Security Key

- Phillips #2 Screwdriver


Please make sure you have the necessary tools before you start. 


Step one:

Remove the top lid from the projector

1. Use a #2 Phillips™ to loosen the seven captive screws
securing the top lid to the projector housing (Figure 5-5).
2. Unlock the rear access door using the low security key.
3. Lift the lid up from the rear of the projector and pull it away
from the two tabs on the front skin.
4. When reinstalling, align the front two tabs and reverse the
above steps.




Step two:

Remove the High Security Lid

2. Use the high security key to unlock the security lid. 

3. Lift the lid up and out




Step Three:





1. Loosen the captive screw holding the
LEQD in place. Pull the captive screw up
after it is loosened.
2. Release the two black ejectors to
disconnect the LEQD from the Backplane.
Pull the LEQD out. Disconnect the three
LVDS/power harnesses. (Figure 5-58)
3. Use a #2 Phillips™ screwdriver to remove
the six screws securing the flex cables.
(Figure 5-58)

Each of the three flex cables are responsible for carrying the signals for a particular colour, red, green, or blue. Each of the connections on the LEQD circuit board is labeled with the correct colour. 

What we want to do now is to swap the cables connected to each of the ports. 

If the projected image has a blue tint, swap the cables for blue and green. 

If the image now has a green tint instead, the problem is on the ICP side and not with the light engine. 



Reverse the above steps to reinstall the




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