Link decryptor swap / Re-seat

This guide will show and explain how to either swap, or re-seat the Link decryptor (LD).


Please note that this will break marriage.
If you are unsure what this means, please contact the NOC.


This will require that you have
-Physical access to the projector.
-The necessary tools and keys to open the secure-lid to the projector.
-The necessary login credentials to perform marriage (The NOC can aid with this as long as there is remote-connection)


The first step is to open the Secure section of the prohector.
Please see the Following Guide on how to do that.

Once the security ring (see above linked guide) is removed you can take out the PIB.
Located on the PIB itself is the LD, this is often referred to as the "metal block", or "metallklossen" in the Scandinavian languages.


This little card is fastened with four Phillips head screws (star/pluss shaped).


Once these are unscrewed the LD simply lifts off.



When putting the LD back onto the PIB, or when replacing it completely, note that it will only fit one way, this is due to the shape of the slot on the PIB and a little notch in the slot on the LD itself, so there should be no fear in putting it back on the wrong way.



Once the LD is back on the PIB, please screw in the four screws as shown before. 
At this point the PIB is ready to put back into the projector, the projector closed up and Marriage performed.

If there are any further questions please don't hesitate contact the NOC.

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