Christie CP4315 Removing the IMB or F-MAIN from the card cage


The following guide will aid you in either replacing or re-seating a card in the card cage such as either the F-MAIN or the IMB. 

Important notes:

- Remove all power going to the projector before proceeding with this guide.
- If you change the IMB, you'll need to get updated KDMs for the new serial number as the old ones will not work on the new IMB

- Please make sure you have the high security key before you start

Tip: Take a picture of the installation before you start so that you will know where to connect all the cables again when you are done.




Step One:

Remove the top cover

1. Loosen the four captive screws securing the top cover

2. Use the high security key to open the projector service access door.
3. Disengage the top cover lock pin by pulling on the pin and lift up the top cover to remove it.







4. Remove the marriage ring, by pushing the locking lever and pivotiing the marriage ring from the
bottom to pull it out.


5. Remove the IMB or F-MAIN by pressing the two red locking tabs and pulling the card out.



6. Replace the IMB/F-Main, and repeat the steps in reverse order. 

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