How to ingest from MovieTransit using a Doremi


This is a simple guide on how to ingest from a MovieTransit, if you are using a Doremi to pull the files.

First, enter the Ingest manager.

Menu -> Doremi Apps -> Ingest manager.

The following screen will be empty unless you have a USB or external drive connected, here you need to click the dropdown that defaults to 'Local Storage'.

Choose TransitBox

NOTE, depending on your setup this name might be different, other often used names are: MT, Transit, MovieTransit, Unique box. 

At this point it will start counting and processing the content, depending on the network speed and how many files there are; this might take a while. Wait until it's done.

After this is done it should list all the files it found and you should be able to ingest.

If there are any problems please contact Unique or your system integrator.

Thank you.

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